Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best. Christmas. Ever.

We didn't go anywhere.

No one came to us.
We skipped the busy 4 o'clock mass and went to the much quieter 6 o'clock instead.

We had a whole pew to ourselves.

We had a roaring fire.

We sipped coffee with Bailey's.
We had simple dinners.

And a huge sushi takeout order.
We opened presents one at a time.

We sang Christmas carols.
 We stayed in our jammies all day.
We played with all our new toys.

We went out in the snow.
We made beaded necklaces on shoelaces that read "Daddy is the best." 
We read lots of books.

And watched lots of movies. 
And snuggled a new baby.

Maybe we'll do this every year.

And maybe next year I'll get in at least one picture.

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