Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes [3.1.13]

1. It has been exactly eight and a half days since anyone has thrown up in our house. Yay, us! And somehow I've been suck here all week. I started to feel the doldrums yesterday afternoon and couldn't really figure out why. Everything had been running smoothly all week at Casa del Nash. And then I remembered that aside from running to the end of the block to pick Lucy up from preschool, I haven't left the house since going to church on Sunday. I've been getting dressed, putting on makeup and doing my hair for no one except the five people in the world who care the least about it. Well, Brian probably appreciates it. And maybe the UPS guy? OK, I know. That was a stretch.

It's a good reminder to me that I need to schedule at least one outing each and every week. Schedule, being the key word here. Because last minute jaunts always seem half-hearted and I'm usually too disgruntle by the time I make the effort for it to even make a difference.

2. I want to write about the pope's resignation but I'm not exactly sure what to say. I think I feel like most catholics. I'm feel a saddness about him stepping down. He is such a good and holy man. Yet I also feel excitement about electing a new pope. Who will it be? What will he be like? I'm not a very good catholic writer but I found this via Andrea and I think it sums it up perfectly.
Non-Catholics can’t possibly understand the connection truly faithful Catholics have to their pope. He’s not magic, he’s not a god, and oddly enough he doesn’t even need to be holy or even particularly inspirational. (Fortunately, this last part is rare in the history of Christ’s Church.) What he is, is this: a promise. He is a promise, made by the Incarnate Lord, of a visible leadership that will last for all time, beginning with the flawed, hot-headed, cowardly fisherman who sat at His right hand, and stretching down through the millennia to us today. -Thomas L. McDonald
3. Moving right along to Bobby boy who is a beast. A beast in size and not 'tude, thankfully. I have never had an above average sized baby. This kid is a tank. Brian finally got his linebacker. The other day I noticed I was having to stretch his 3-month onesies to get them to snap. I didn't know what to do. Could I really put 6-month onesies on a newborn? I dug some of William's old ones out of the cedar closet and lo and behold he filled them out completely. In fact, I need the 9-month size close at hand. I wasn't kidding when I said that pretty soon he and Katherine will be able to share clothes. Now I think he might pass her up.
Kate & Bobby
4. The other day my friend, Carla, was perusing my cell phone pictures with Lucy when she spied this little gem.
Was Brian Batman for Halloween, she wanted to know. Um, no. This was just a few Saturdays ago. She asked why I hadn't blogged about it and I think the fact that it never occurred to me shows just how normal crazy has become around here.

5. More crazy...
This was last Sunday.  We caught him sitting like this in the tree watching the TV through the porch windows.  He was here for quite a while.  At least he was outside???

6.  Next weekend Brian and I are taking a mini trip to Chicago for our nephew's baptism.  We're spreading the kids (minus Bobby) out amongst relatives so I just need to take a moment say how wonderful it is to leave town for a couple nights and know that our kids are in the care of someone who loves them as much as we do.

Every once in a while Brian and I play around with the idea of moving out of state.  There are often far bigger and better professional opportunities for Brian elsewhere.  But we always come back to family as the reason we could never leave.  How we would manage to raise these four kids without the help of grandparents, aunts and uncles is beyond me.  If you're one of those people and you're reading this, know that we are grateful.  And we love you dearly.

7.  Finally, tonight is the first of two lenten fish frys at our church.  This is always a big hit for our school and neighborhood.  With beer and a band, a sacrifice it is not.  But it's such a great community builder I can't help but think God is smiling down in spite of it all.

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