Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Sorrows [And Laughs, Too]

I'm in a rut.  A bad-mood, hate-this-weather, I'm-sick-of-winter rut.  The kids are getting bored.  And annoying.  But it's not their fault.  Old Man Winter's got a hold of them too.

Bobby would only sleep while attached to me last night so there's probably some sleep deprivation factors at work too.  Of course now, when the rest of the kids are awake, he's fast asleep in his bed upstairs.  Because that's just how it works.

Yesterday I had a moment when the house was quiet.  Katherine was napping.  Lucy was reading books in her room.  And Bobby and I were resting on the couch. He closed his eyes and I had some peace.  And then I heard a BOOM from upstairs in Lucy's room.  Bobby's eyes shot open and it was over.

I marched into Lucy's room and scolded her for not respecting the sleeping.  And then she started to cry.  Not because I was too hard on her but because she's just that sensitive.  But the crying then lulled her to sleep.  Who else secretly loves this phenomenon?

But the joke was on me because as she was soundly sleeping and Bobby was all nestled up against my chest in the Ergo I started the process of soothingly adding chicken stock to my pot of arborio rice.  Making risotto is so calming, isn't it?

But the thing about risotto is that it needs your attention.  Your attention cannot be swayed by, say, a little girl who soaked her bed during her nap.  Through the sheets, through the waterproof pad, through the mattress cover.  And it cannot be swayed when this little girl has a meltdown because she's all wet and now she can no longer wear her favorite dress she put on that morning.

The risotto, it wasn't great.  It wasn't ruined.  But it wasn't the same amazing recipe I followed just two weeks prior on a Saturday when Brian was home and one of us could tend to the stove at all times.

My foul mood continued when said little girl emphatically declared she "hates this dinner" and refused to even try just one tiny bite.


Dinner over.  Time for baths.

And then a peace offering.

There wasn't a grudge on the day big enough to make me blow this off.  And luckily I still had my wits about me to know to go grab the camera.

What's annoying to parents is full of hilarity to a newborn.

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