Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes: [3.15.13]

1. Hey! I just started the process of getting a new blog design. I'm pretty excited. This place has been feeling a little blah and pretty outdated lately. It isn't cheap to have someone make a custom blog design for you so I discussed it with Brian first and he wanted to know would it be more for me or more for my readers. I thought about it and while I do so love you, dear reader, the design is more for me. I told him it was kind of like going to work in the same old clothes day after day. Then one day you decide to invest in a new outfit or two and suddenly going to work is fun again. But maybe that's a girl thing and he couldn't relate? I don't know. But I'm getting a new design so watch out for changes coming soon!

2. Habemus papam! Oh you guys, Wednesday was just so cool! I decided to pull up the live shot of the Sistine Chapel chimney while we were eating lunch.
And wouldn't you know it we saw the white smoke start billowing live! I was able to text Brian and my mom even before the media started reporting it. I let Lucy skip her nap that day as we were both glued to the TV. It so felt like we were creating a "where were you when" moment. Lucy explained to me that we needed a new pope to help get Jesus unstuck from the cross. She also told me Jesus came back to life on Easter when the fairies sprinkled sparkles on him. Maybe it's wrong of me but it's too cute to correct right now.

And when he chose the name Francis, the first Pope Francis ever, well, I just melted. Francis, of course, being what we chose as Bobby's middle name. I still remember being at the dining room table reading about the lives of Saints Francis of Assisi and Francis Xavier with Brian when we agreed he would be Robert Francis if we indeed had a boy.

3. My birthday was last week and the day turned out pretty well. It was busy though. I read at Lucy's school in the morning, had teacher conferences for William in the afternoon and went out to dinner with Brian that evening. Brian gave me the most beautiful birthstone pendant necklace and that was certainly a lovely surprise. He pretended my gift hadn't arrived yet and then pulled it out of his pocket at dinner. Jewelry is probably my favorite kind of gift to receive because I almost never think to buy it for myself.

4. I started my couch to 5k running program this week. Remember when I did that last year and had to quit halfway through when I was interrupted by a little thing called pregnancy? I'm not going to lie. My first outing was tough. But I'm convinced it was only tough because of the cold, wind and ice. I would have waited until it got warmer but Brian and I want to run a 5K over Memorial Day weekend and if I don't start now I won't finish the program in time. Besides, weather is such a lame excuse for not exercising. It's always going to be either too hot or too cold.

5. The weather though. I'm just so over winter. Last year we were in the 70s. And I know that was an anomaly of record-breaking temps but still. Couldn't we find a medium? This below-average temps, two-snow-storms-a-week stuff is getting really old. I finally had to break down and buy William all new winter gear. I really thought I could just make it through seeing as we are halfway through March. But nope, we've got another couple of storms on the way and his snowpants with the holes in the knees and coat with the broken zipper just can't cut it at recess.

6. The sun was shining brilliantly on our front porch yesterday so I took some new pictures of the kids even though none of them looked especially dressed up. When you have four kids you just have to seize the moment and forget about the details.
I used to think William and Bobby had the same eyes but I'm now realizing that Bobby's eyes are CRAZY beautiful blue.  It's like I put little baby contacts in him or something.  Ha! What if they made those?!

7.  It's been a tough morning.  It's taken me until 2:00 p.m. to finish writing this even though I started at 9:00 this morning.  Someone is always crying or whining or making a mess or needing to be fed or pooping their pants.  I can't keep up.  Such is the season of my life.  I think I'll go shower.  Or eat some lunch.  I can't decide.  I probably won't have time for both.

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