Thursday, September 6, 2007

Busy Baby

I remember the days (a week ago - has it only been that long?!) when I couldn't wait for William to crawl because then he wouldn't whine every time I left the room. He could just follow me around. Well now he can crawl. And now he could care less about me. He could care less about the gazillion brightly colored toys made just for babies. William only cares about the following things:
  1. The doors on the entertainment center. A bonus if he can get them all the way open and then pull himself up on his knees.
  2. The coffee table and all that exists on top of it. (See picture below.)
  3. The candelabra in front of our fireplace. This is the top reason for me shouting, "No! No! No!" But somehow in baby language that translates into "Yes! Please play with that!"
  4. The wireless USB card in our desktop computer. He desperately wants to pull it out. I guess those little green blinking lights are just too irresistible.
  5. The garbage can with its crinkly garbage bag. I'm sure whoever created those soft books that crinkle made millions on the gullible parents who fell for the gimmick thinking babies would just play with that instead.
  6. The doorstop. It amazes me how William will crawl over, around and on top of all things at mock speed so that he can get to this tiny piece of brown plastic. I'm still trying to figure out the appeal.
  7. Shoes. This one I wouldn't mind so much except that it's summer and the rubbery sole of a flip flop somehow whets his appetite and he just can't get it in his mouth fast enough.
  8. Rugs and pulling them up. Checking for dirt? Dust bunnies? Ants? I'm not really sure. Maybe he thinks I'm hiding a secret candelabra under one of them.

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