Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Witness of God

It is with a heavy heart that I post a link to this blog about a baby girl named Copeland Fair Farley. An advance warning to all my readers that you should not click on this link unless you have at least an hour to spare and a full box of Kleenex within your reach. Two boxes if you have children yourself. I stumbled across this site when it was linked from another blog I read on a regular basis.

The parents of this little girl truly are an inspiration of what it means to have faith and choose life. And they remind us that our children are not ours to keep but rather a gift on loan from the Lord who has entrusted in us to do our very best to raise them into kind and faith-filled human beings all the while understanding that God may call them home at any time.

I especially appreciated when Copeland's mother wrote about how much she loves and trusts the Lord while at the same time being very angry and bitter at Him. Isn't that something we all struggle with at some time? To me it made her faith seem all the more grand for being so candid and honest about her feelings.

And if you really think you've got a third or fourth box of Kleenex or a heart made of stone you should watch 99 Balloons. This is a video a father made about his baby boy who suffered from the same disease as baby Copeland. Although not nearly as serious, it reminded me of those first few days of William's life and how hard it is as a parent to watch your child struggle with something that should come so easy, like taking a breath. But at the same time it shows how beautiful and triumphant the human spirit can be especially in the midst of crisis. We should all celebrate our life each and every day just like Eliot.

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