Monday, September 10, 2007

Much Ado About TiVo

Last Thursday Brian and I received our spankin' new TiVo in the mail. Thus the reason for my lack of posting anything substantial as of late. Even though we've only had it for four days I find myself wondering what we've been doing without it. For those dear readers who are new parents, expecting parents or hoping to be expecting parents someday, let me offer a little advice about those handy dandy baby registries. Screw the $300 stroller. Put the celeb-inspired baby bjorn on the back burner. A Pottery Barn nursery? Pah-lease! Save your money. All you need is a TiVo.

Hypothetically, say your husband is really into college football. Like, um, I don't know, Notre Dame? Or maybe Wisconsin. Hypothetically, of course. Now you know these games are played on Saturdays. All. Day. And that doesn't include the time it takes to read the pre- and post-game columns on the internet blogs. I might be an anomaly but I happen to be a female who really enjoys football. The only problem is Saturdays happen to be only one out of two other days the whole week when I am not the only person responsible for little Willingham. And when I feel like I just can't change another poopy diaper, I have to pass the buck. Believe me, this is not going to be a time where I sit and complain about how Brian never helps and only watches football. Nope. Brian is a great dad and is just as much a parent as I am.

Here is where the greatness of TiVo comes in. When I tag Brian for the diaper change just as Notre Dame appears to be turning the game around (again, hypothetically speaking) he becomes a much more willing parent. Now all he has to do is press pause, run upstairs, fight with a squirmy and resistant baby, change him, come back downstairs and resume the game on command. This genius box even let us completely miss the live viewing of the Badger game on Saturday night so that we could go out. And I can already see the benefits once the new season of Grey's starts.

Actually now that I'm pondering the whole TiVo phenomenon, I may start lobbying to congress that every new mom should be sent home from the hospital with a TiVo.

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