Friday, September 21, 2007

Tornadic Activity

There was a tornado in Woodbury yesterday evening just before 6:30 p.m. About two miles from our house to be exact. I used to love thunderstorms. The more lightning the better. And if the sirens went off it just added to the adrenaline rush. But here is yet another way a baby has changed me because last night I was scared.

A number of factors led to my being scared. For one, Brian wasn't here. Also, we don't have a basement. As I'm sitting in our utility room with the baby on my lap I can still hear Paul Douglas blaring from the other room, "If you are in the Woodbury area you need to take shelter immediately." Shelter. Is this really shelter? There's a furnace and a water softener behind me and a water heater to my left. But I've always been told if you don't have a basement you're supposed to go in your smallest room without any windows. So that's what I did. Well that, and about 245 Hail Marys.

Of course, we're all okay. But I think it's interesting the contrast a baby gives you in your life. If it weren't for William I know I would have been outside trying to get the best photo of the funnel cloud.

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