Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Brian's Movie

Every Tuesday night Brian teaches RCIA at our church from 7-9 p.m. William is sleeping by this time and if you haven't noticed there are not any good shows on on Tuesdays. So I decided to dabble in our Movie Maker program on our computer.

As William's first birthday is quickly approaching I thought it would be cool to pick out a few songs and partner them with our favorite pictures of William's past year. By the time Brian got home I had made two movies but had only gotten though the first two month of his life. It's so hard to narrow down the pictures!

Upon seeing my two movies Brian decided he wanted to give it a try. So he picked out the song he wanted to use and I showed him how the basics of the program worked like how to upload music, photos and how to transition between photos. I told him with that bit of knowledge it should only take him about 15 minutes to put something together. After all, it's only a 3-minute song. TWO HOURS LATER he said he was finished.

Now if you know Brian, you know that he has a creative mind just from his musical talents, his endless supply of spot-on celebrity impersonations and the plethora of cartoon drawings that can be found in his childhood bedroom. But I had no idea he would get so intense with this movie. He has it all down. Even the length the photo is shown changes as the beat of the music becomes faster or slower. Truly not what I expected out of him.

This morning he gave me permission to share it here. Make sure you turn up your sound because the lyrics and pictures are in sync. Enjoy!

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  1. UMMmmm....I love that you were able to fit in a picture of Bob into the slideshow. What dance move was that? Was that Bob recreating the Triple Lindy (the move Rodney Dangerfield uses to win the diving competition) from the Academy Award wining Back to School?


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