Thursday, October 11, 2007

Forcing Me Time

Yesterday was one of those days. For weeks I had a happy hour planned with my old coworkers. All day I kept thinking that it would be so much easier to cancel. For one, William wasn't feeling well. I also had to drive William out to the train station to meet Brian so that I could hand him off and get on the train myself to make it downtown in time.

Brian's mom was in town and Brian had to help move some furniture over to my sister's place. Two seemingly unrelated items but for me it meant I had to write notes to remind everyone what to do.

"Give Jackie this check."

"Make sure to give William his medicine at 6:30."

"Show your mom how to work the TiVo."

"Vacuum after you move the furniture."

"Don't forget about William's bottle before bed."

It's kind of like calling in sick for work. It always seems like a good idea at the time until the next day when you have twice the workload.

But for those eight or more hours that you're not working when you normally would be, it's so worth it. And that's how it was last night as I sat down with my good friends from my old office and ordered an Oktoberfest. And Brian, reading me so well, sent me a text message a couple hours after I got there:

W is down so take ur time.

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