Saturday, October 27, 2007

Double the Fun

Last night we went to Monster Mash. William is a little young to participate in the activities but since his cousins were going we decided to give it a try. He did enjoy bouncing to the music and watching the older kids jump around.

As the night progressed William faded fast. When we got home and put him to bed we thought it would be an easy night. But soon we heard the hysterical crying coming through the monitor at 9:00. This type of crying means only one thing. Ear infection.

Luckily this morning we found a clinic that accepts pediatric patients on Saturday mornings. Our suspicions were confirmed -- doubly so, actually. Both ears are infected. That drippy nose I mentioned yesterday gave his ears the extra boost they needed to get infected. So goes the life as William's mom.

We're just glad we caught it early this time and are thankful that last night was relatively calm thanks our friend, Motrin. (Tylenol, thanks for your efforts in reducing fever but you suck when it comes to relieving pain.) Those of you who were faithful readers the last time William had an ear infection remember how our night played out. Now we're just praying for no perforation this time!

Sick or not as you can see from the pictures, William was still in a pretty good mood as he modeled his lion costume.

William's cousin, Addison. We call her William's twin.

William is a big fan of Addison's giraffe costume. Be careful Addison! I think lions hunt giraffes!

Still happy.

Begging to go home.

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