Friday, October 26, 2007

A Runny Situation

For about the fourth time in a month William has a runny nose. He's not really sick, it's just the constant drip that this time of the year calls for. Up until he was almost 10-months-old he never had a runny nose. But now that the runny nose has popped up, as pretty much all children will inevitably get, I've been obsessed.

I can't stand it when I see the, um, snot running down. Or the dried stuff all over his nose and cheeks when he wakes up in the morning. I have Kleenex boxes and suction balls strategically placed throughout the house so that I can swipe within an arm's reach. William too is obsessed. Obsessed with over-dramatizing how much he hates it when I wipe his nose or suction it out. Why is this?

It can't feel good to have the trail running down to his lips and I know it must feel so much better to get it all out with the suction ball and be able to breathe again. But still, he insists on arching his back and twisting every which way to avoid the dreaded tissue swipe. I'm even cognizant to lube his nose with lotion every so often so that it doesn't get raw. This he enjoys.

I wonder, when I have a plethora of kids running around, will I still be this obsessed with nixing the snot drip off everyone? Or will I become one of those moms who just lets her children go out all crusty-nosed because she's finally waved the white flag and discovered that she just can't win the war on runny noses?

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