Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's + 1 Day!

I know I'm late with this post so I'm going to make it up with a lot of pictures. We were out of town at Brian's parent's house this weekend. Brian's sister Meaghan who is from New York City was in town with her son Patrick. Brian thought it would be a good occasion to take a day off work and spend some time with them. Now that William is getting older the 5-month age gap between him and his cousin Patrick seems like a lot less so it's fun to watch them play and interact together. As promised, here are the pictures!

Irish cousins.

"Green cheeeeeeeese!"

"Yep, I've got my green on!"

"And so do Nana and Papa!"

"Ahhhhh! My Aunt Jenny is attacking me with kisses!"

Cousins don't shake hands, cousins gotta hug!

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