Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

There's not much to report on the homefront. We're just truckin' along waiting for the first 60-degree weather day so we can really get outside for longer than an hour. Here's all the bits I could round up:
  • William has his fourth ear infection. We caught it early and were able to treat it with antibiotics right away. I'm starting to roll my eyes at all the people who are flaunting the fact that they breastfed their child and are happy to say that their kid has never had an ear infection. I'm one of the biggest advocates I know for breastfeeding. It's benefits are endless. William never received an ounce of formula and I breastfed him up to 12 1/2 months of age. Still, he is plagued with this horrible recurrence of an infection. But then again, maybe it could have been a lot worse had I not been so adamant about breastfeeding?

  • Brian and I are celebrating the end of Lent and the resurgence of our Caribou Latte/Mocha obsession. That's what we gave up. I'm pretty sure I saw a dip in their stock prices during those six weeks when we were not the loyal patrons we usually are.

  • This morning I asked Brian for suggestions for this blog explaining that I had nothing to write about. He really wanted me to share with all of you that he received eight bottles of home-brewed beer last night at his RCIA meeting. It was a gift from the guy for whom Brian was his confirmation sponsor this past weekend. Brian thought it was the coolest "sponsor thank you" gift in the history of confirmation.

  • We're all about American Idol. In case you haven't heard I've got my own little fantasy contest going on. Click here to see the standings. Things are really heating up!

  • My brother Joey will be stopping in this afternoon. He goes to college about four hours northwest of us so we don't get to see him that often. In fact, the last time he saw William was over Christmas. He will be visiting a much different William now that he is walking/running/talking all over the place. We've been practicing saying "Jooooo-ey" all morning. So far we've got it down to "Go-wee." Good enough for me!

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