Friday, March 14, 2008

Not What I Meant!

Last night I got some shopping time to myself while Brian went through William's bedtime routine. As I was making my way into a shop I saw a young dad struggling to get his newborn's stroller in the door. I ran up to hold the door for him.

I said, "I have a baby. I know, it sucks."

He just gave me a little smile.

I walked about 50 feet into the store before I realized what I had said. I wanted to turn around, run, find the man and say, "Hey! That's not what I meant! Really!"

I didn't mean, "it sucks" with it equaling having a baby. I meant, "it sucks" with it equaling the difficulty it takes getting in and out of doors by yourself with a huge travel system.

I figured he would think I was even more of a crazy person if I ran after him to explain so instead I just continued shopping while biting the foot that was in my mouth.

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