Friday, March 21, 2008

What I Learned at the Mass of our Lord's Supper... that my son refuses to sleep anywhere except his crib or his carseat.

As much as I knew it was going to be a painful experience, we attended mass as a family last night for Holy Thursday. Mass started at 7:00 which is usually William's bedtime. And this was a longer mass than most Sundays or weekdays because of the Washing of the Feet and some extended hymns. It lasted one hour and 45 minutes to be exact. But not that I'm counting or anything.

You might be reading this and thinking that I'm crazy for even attempting to go with my son in tow but I did so with the knowledge that this was the only mass he needed to attend with us during the Triduum.

At first he was fine. Reading his books, smiling at the people behind us. But when that 8 o'clock hour hit he had had it. I tried to lay his head on my shoulder but as soon as I removed my hand, his head popped back up. I tried to cradle him as if he were a newborn but he got so angry at me his face turned red. I settled on just letting him suck on his pacifier and hold his blankie. And he was fine with that. But every so often his exhaustion would return and he would grunt and arch his back with frustration that he wasn't in bed.

This afternoon I'm so excited to be able to go to Good Friday mass by myself. My sister-in-law has so graciously offered to watch William this afternoon and then again tomorrow evening for the Vigil.

We can all thank God for that!

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