Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Wasn't Kidding

About the whole Arnold thing, that is. In fact I dug around and found this picture of Brian from Halloween 2004. As you know Halloween is just a few days before Election Day so this costume was rather timely that year.

I bought the mask at a costume store and then surprised Brian with it when he picked me up from work. He then proceeded to drive around town with the mask on. (This probably wasn't very safe but we didn't have any kids yet and weren't exactly vigilant about what was safe and what was not.) Anyway, so he's driving around town with an Arnold mask on and he starts preying on anyone with a John Kerry bumper sticker. When he finds one he creeps up on them at a red light, turns his head toward them, holds up four fingers and starts chanting, "FOUR! MORE! YEARS!"

You don't have to tell me. I know you're totally jealous.

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