Monday, August 11, 2008

Sure to Pump You Up

Have you caught the Olympic spirit? No, not yet? Then you've got to watch this video from last night. Brian and I were whooping and hollering and shouting, "Go! Go! Go!" We could barely keep ourselves seated on the couch.

Of course it's only fun to watch because a) the Americans were the underdogs to the much-favored French, b) earlier in the day the French were trash-talking the Americans and c) the come-from-behind finish makes for excellent edge-of-your-seat, fingernail-biting, can-they-do-it?, did-they-do-it?, I-think-they-did-it! kind of drama that you can only get when watching championship sports.

Consider this your adrenaline shot for today.

In other news, we've got a spanking new television to watch the Olympics on. It can otherwise be called Brian's baby. I got the computer and a new ring. Our old television got a greenish, purplish splotch in the upper left corner. It was inevitable. Plus Brian helped me wash the windows on Saturday. Our relationship doesn't usually work in a "tit for tat" format but in this circumstance I felt compelled to let him run with it. College football starts up here in less than a month. Brian doesn't ask for much but he has always dreamed of watching his favorite teams on a crystal clear screen in the comfort of his own home. This year he'll have his wish.

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