Monday, August 4, 2008

A Whole New Set of Problems

This morning I fluttered my eyes open a bit when I heard William talking in his room.

"Just one more minute," I thought to myself as I pulled the covers up tighter.

But William had other plans.


I sat up fast, eyes wide open. I heard a short-lived complaining cry come from his room followed by the sound of small feet running across the floor.

I scrambled for my glasses and went to see who (or what) was invading my son's room.

But there was no invader. Just a 20-month-old little boy who had just learned how to successfully get out of his crib all on his own.

I sighed.

I knew this day was coming but I wasn't prepared for it so soon. At least he doesn't know how to open his bedroom door yet. But I suspect that isn't far off.

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