Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Papa says every kid needs to feel the thrill of catching his first fish.

Here's Papa teaching the kids not to touch the knife in the tackle box.

But he taught other things too.

Like hanging on to your beer when the boat goes fast.

And how to bait and cast your line.

Pay attention, Willy!

And if you wait. And wait. And are patient. Like all two-year-olds are. Then you just might reel in a big one.

See how Uncle Kevin does it?

But sometimes you wait, and wait and wait some more.

And even though you're a patient little two-year-old that dang fishy just refuses to bite.

So when your cousin catches her umpteenth fish your smart Papa gets sneaky.

Every kid needs to feel the thrill of catching his first fish.

That Papa. He unhooks that cute little sunfish from your lucky cousin's line and, while you're watching some ducks on shore, he re-hooks it on your line and puts that tired little fishy back in the water.

"William! Look!"

So you reel and reel and reel.

But later, when Uncle Kevin asks you if you've caught any fish, you reply, "Not yet!"

Papa's a sneaky one but not sneaky enough for you.

I guess the thrill will have to wait until next summer.

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