Friday, September 11, 2009

Red and Puffy

The previous owners of our house were smart enough to install a dimmer on the bathroom lights.  I've never heard of such things for a bathroom but last night and this morning I'm pretty glad it was there.

I'll be blogging over at for a bit until this ordeal is over.  Check me out over there.  I'm trying to keep that blog more about facts and information.

But for the whining and bellyaching part of it I'll still stop in here.  Aren't you lucky?

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  1. I found your blog awhile ago through a comment you made on the Faith & Family blog and I've enjoyed reading your posts. I'm also from the twin cities. Last winter when my daughter turned 6 months she slipped very low in the charts for head circumference and we had a CT done and a consultation with Dr. Graupman who works with Dr. Wood. My daughter's frontal bone fused together a little early but after a really awful waiting game we found out its nothing other than a cosmetic issue, and most people don't even notice, but her forehead does protrude a bit from her soft spot to her nose. The docters told us it wouldn't interfere with brain growth. I know how scary this all is for you, but I wanted to reassure you that you are in the best of hands. Everyone at Gillette was wonderful to us, and they will take good care of your Lucy. Tap into that God given grace that He gives us mothers for times like these, and you will get through! Lots of cyber hugs from me, I will be praying for Lucy.


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