Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes [7.27.12]

1.  I'm writing this morning from my brand new laptop.  So exciting!  With three plus kids I needed something more mobile than a desktop.  So the desktop will go to the kids (when they are old enough to really need it) and I get this shiny new toy.

2.  I'm trying not to let the new toy become a time suck which is easier said than done.  So I'm slowly but surely breaking it in.  Last night I set up my email and this morning I tackled pictures and videos setup.  Now I'm writing this post and then logging off for the rest of the day.  No, really.  I swear.

3.  The Olympics are starting this weekend!  Are you as excited as me?  Gymnastics are my favorite event but after that it's all tied between the swimming and track & field competitions.  Oh and beach volleyball.  And Brian likes the weight-lifting.  How can you choose just one?!  I'm mostly excited that this time the kids are really into it as well.  Lucy is mesmerized by the gymnastics and William is a huge fan of all the swimming races.  Go Team USA!

4.  Speaking of sports, we discovered within the last few weeks that William really loves (and is really good at!) golf.  Brian used to play a lot of golf in the summer and I used to play with him every once in a while but then kids happened and the clubs started collecting dust.  On a whim I bought a cheap putter and chipping wedge in the toy section at Target and that's when we discovered William's enthusiasm.  So I signed him up for lessons and he's started playing a bit with Brian and it's just been so fun to watch this passion of his develop.  And also I'm really thankful this passion doesn't include the word hockey.  I'm a huge hockey fan but I grew up with a hockey brother and wasn't really interested in traveling every single weekend in the winter until the end of time.

5.  We are in the midst of genetic testing in our family.  It's a really long story but the short side is that we discovered Brian's mom carries a gene that can cause a heart defect.  A defect that already exists in Brian's brother.  Brian will be tested soon via cheek swab and if he is a carrier than each of our kids has a 50% chance of also being a carrier.  (But not a guarantee to have the defect, thankfully.)  It's a nerve-wracking process but also one in which we have absolutely zero control.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have really mixed emotions about all this.  I think I should be really worried about what this all means for our family and for all our nieces and nephews.  But I'm not at all.  So prayers, I guess, for wisdom to get through whatever the outcome may be.  Have you ever done genetic testing in your family?

6.  Yesterday I ran into a neighbor friend at the park.  She just recently had her third baby boy and she told me that when she and her husband found out I was pregnant for a fourth time, it made them want to consider also going for a fourth.  I thought this was funny because it's so the opposite of most people's reaction.  Usually people want to run out and stock up on as much birth control as they can get their hands on.  But in this case, it was nice to know that our going-for-it attitude has inspired another couple to rethink what the future might hold for their family.  Sometimes I think we think certain scenarios are impossible until we see someone just like us doing that very impossible thing and then, suddenly, it's in the realm of possibilities.

7.  This video, it will make your Friday afternoon a delight.  Enjoy!

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