Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Big Surprise [The Best Kind]

Yesterday I wrote about a mama robin bird who was "harboring a secret" in our very own backyard.

Today I write to tell you that I've been harboring my own little secret. One of the very best kinds of secrets. Perhaps you noticed in a few of our vacation trip photos?  But if not, let me lay it out for you crystal clear. Here is a picture of my brother and me. Can you spot the third person?

That's right, dear readers, we are expecting our fourth child.

"Wait, didn't she just have a baby?"  I can hear you all in unison.

Yes. Yes, I did.  I hear there's a special place in heaven for mothers with four children under the age of six.  We missed the cut for Irish twins by two months, however, so we're not that crazy.

You may also notice that my bump is a bit large for just announcing and that's because I'm not newly pregnant. Oh, and probably also because I just had a baby.  I am already four and a half months into this ride.

I purposely waited a while to make this announcement public because people have some strong opinions about family size and baby-spacing and I just couldn't take any negative energy.  I fully realize our lives are going to be nothing short of an all out gong show.  But every baby deserves to be celebrated and seeing as this could very well be our final bun in the oven (more on that later) I'm trying to savor the "lasts."

More answers to all your burning questions later.  In the meantime I'll let the shock and surprise sink in.  If you're like me, it might take a while.

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