Monday, July 16, 2012

Robin Watch 2012

We have babies! Baby robins, that is.

The kids and I are thoroughly enjoying this little science lesson in our very own backyard.
The first little guy (or gal!) hatched yesterday.  At first I didn't think he was alive because this was the only position I could capture him in.  But I think he was just protecting his brother and sister.
After many inspections, Brian figured out if he whistled or lightly tapped on the nest that that would prompt him to put his head up searching for food.

(I'm just guessing that's what he's screaming based on my own experience as a mother.)
I just took a peek this afternoon and found all three babies hatched!  I wonder how they're feeling on this 100-degree day?!  The kids and I have agreed to name them Flap, Little Wing and McFly.  (Back to the Future lines are in abundance around here.)

And finally, here's a fun little video to show your kids -- or enjoy for yourself!

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