Friday, July 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes [7.6.12]

1. Holy buckets full of heat and humidity! Today is something like our 100th day with an excessive heat warning. We've gone into triple digits multiple times in the past week and that's no small feat for Minnesota. But more than the mercury, it's the humidity that is completely indescribable. Still, when someone posted a picture on Facebook of Minneapolis shortly after a wicked blizzard with the caption, "Look refreshing?" I found myself replying, "Nope." There's still no heat oppressive enough to make me yearn for January.

2. We came home from vacation on Monday morning and have been having a hard time getting out of vacation mode ever since. Wednesday was a holiday but really all week has been slow at the office for Brian. Add in the heat and we have been laaaah-zee. Yesterday we ate out at a restaurant as a family twice. In one day. That's happened, um, never. Every day I blow up the pool and dig out the swimsuits that have just barely dried from the day before. It's the stuff of memories, I know. But I'm also secretly hoping for some normalcy come Monday morning. My laundry basket and kitchen floors are begging me.

3. Yesterday when the baby woke up from her afternoon nap and I was in the middle of something (probably busy being lazy) I sent William upstairs to entertain her until I could get to her. Katherine loves this as William is one of her all-time favorite people ever. But just a couple minutes later William was coming back down the stairs saying, "I got her, Mom!" I turned to the staircase to see him hobbling down the stairs, holding Katherine tightly just above her shoulders but not quite her neck, thank God. Katherine was kicking her legs one hundred miles per hour and grinning ear to ear; basically just loving life.

"Oh my God!" I screamed, and raced up the stairs to grab her. Katherine let out a shriek of laughter and it took every single ounce of my willpower not to smile or laugh as I reprimanded William explaining the dangers that surly could have happened. Still, one of the cutest and funniest things I've witnessed in a while.

4.  Thank you to everyone who responded to my laundry poll a few weeks ago.  I was surprised and impressed at how many of you do laundry every day.  Laundry is one of my favorite household chores but even still I don't run the washer every day.  I average about every three days not including the days when I wash the bed sheets and bath towels.  I do about two loads (one darks, one whites) during the day and then fold everything in the evening after the kids have gone to bed, usually while I'm watching some television with Brian.  I leave the baskets of folded laundry out in the hall or in our bedroom and then make a point to put everything away right away in the morning while the kids are getting dressed.  Is there anything better than an empty laundry basket?

5. Question: Can you give an 8-month-old an entire chocolate cookie?
Answer: Yes.

6.  This is William and Lucy shortly before a 4th of July bike parade commenced at our friends' house who live not far from us here in St. Paul.
And this is exactly what I love about St. Paul.  It's so old school.  Unlike our experience when we lived in the suburbs, very few people go out of town for the 4th holiday.  Instead there are barbecues and sprinklers in the street and a grand Capitol fireworks display and backyard bonfires and ice cream melting down to your elbows and neighborly goodness and sidewalk chalk and lemonade and good quality beer.  And, of course, your occasional bike parade.

7.  A few weeks ago I told Brian I wanted to take a hiatus from my blog.  A couple of months or so off to see what would happen.  Would it reignite my spark for ideas or would I barely miss it at all?  But then I felt guilty about all the memories I'd be missing out on in Katherine's life that I captured for William and Lucy at the same age.  So instead we talked about some changes that would make it easier for me to blog including both the physical location of the computer as well as the kinds of topics I should start covering.  So start looking for a few of those transformation coming down the line slowly but surly starting with one giant surprise coming next week!

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