Sunday, August 5, 2007

I ♥ Saturday Mornings

7:20 William awakes from his slumber.

7:23 Brian and I await to see who will get out of bed first to get the baby.

7:25 Brian gets up.

7:26 Brian changes a very full (and most likely very messy) diaper.

7:28 Brian brings William in bed with us.

7:29 Brian and I form human parentheses to prevent William from rolling off the bed. (He's done this twice in the last week off the couch.)

7:30 We pray through our tired and groggy heads that William is tired and groggy too and will want to fall back asleep.

7:32 William lays very still. (Yes! He's going to fall back asleep, I just know it!)

7:35 William steam rolls into me.

7:37 William finds my hair. And pulls. Hard.

7:38 I roll William back into the middle of the parentheses.

7:41 William lays very still. (See! I KNEW he was tired.)

7:45 William starts wildly doing double leg lifts.

7:46 I bring the covers back up and tuck them tight around his body; straight-jacket style.

7:48 William lays very still. (This is it, he's got to be really tired now after all that leg action.)

7:50 William somehow manages to get out of the straight jacket I've created.

7:52 William steam rolls into Brian.

7:54 William finds Brian's nose. And pulls. Hard.

7:55 Brian starts laughing. It's all over.

Saturday Mornings:

William, 21; Mom & Dad, 0

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