Monday, August 27, 2007

Summer Reflections, Autumn Anticipations

On this, the last unofficial week of summer, I wonder what it's like for those who live in other regions that don't experience the shift in climate. The subtle signals like feeling a cooler breeze from our bedroom window, the honking of a flock of geese overhead and the darkness of night engulfing us so much earlier. During this time of year, what is it in us Midwesterners that makes us yearn for long sleeve t-shirts with jeans and tennis shoes? Probably the same thing that makes us impatient for tank tops and bare feet in April.

Yes, in this neck of the woods we've come to appreciate our summers because we only get three months of it -- well, that's if we're lucky. (And this year we were!) And while it's sad to say goodbye to our swim suits and flip flops, there's also something exciting and nostalgic about the promises of a new school year, the fall colors, apple cider, football games and Halloween costumes.

So here's my list of my top Autumn anticipations:

  1. College Football Saturdays
  2. Aamodt's
  3. Turning off the air conditioner
  4. Hooded sweatshirts
  5. New TV shows
  6. Our new TiVo!
  7. No pregnant belly this year
  8. Enjoying Oktoberfest beer (see #7)
  9. A Halloween costume for William
  10. Our trip to Madison in November
  11. ECFE classes
  12. William turns 1!
  13. Pot roasts and potatoes
  14. Daylight Saving Time comes later this year (November 4)
  15. Jackie completes her 10-mile race
  16. Pumpkins and mums
  17. Indian summer days and nights
  18. Apple cider, Applesauce and Apple crisp (see #2)
  19. Cleaning out the closets
  20. Bottles of red wine
  21. The return of Girls Night Out (GNOs)

Got more? Share them in the comments section!

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