Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Three Years and Counting

Today marks Brian's and my third wedding anniversary. I was thinking about how vividly I remember the summer of 2004. How hectic it was with planning, making decisions on every last minute detail, talking to my mom at least every day, buying bridal party gifts, getting fitted for tuxes and dresses, making more wedding-related calls than client-related calls when I was at work and then finally ahhh...the sweet relief of walking down the aisle and knowing that he was finally my husband and I'd never have to go through that process again.

Everyone says that the first year of marriage is the hardest. While I definitely wouldn't describe our first year as difficult I can say that each year I have felt a lot more comfortable in my married shoes. I am in love with being married! My favorite times are when Brian gets home from work. He typically finishes feeding William for me and then throws him in the bath. After William goes to bed I love how we have no planned agenda yet it's always a perfect evening because I am spending it with my absolute best friend in the world. I love how he makes me laugh and I love how I can make him laugh. I love our inside jokes. I love our ability to tease each other and then pretend to be mad. I love crawling on the couch together and him knowing just the right position to fit me into his arms -- even when my belly was expanding!

When I was pregnant I didn't think I could love him more. In the morning or at night he would lay his head on my belly and talk to the baby and at those times I swear there was no one else in the world that was more lucky than me to have the husband I do.

But I was wrong. When William was born, that was when I truly realized how lucky I was to have the husband I did. When William was in the NICU for those 10 days following his birth anyone could easily see the love he had for a son he had only known for just a few days, a few hours even. But what people didn't see was how much more he loved me. It sounds selfish to say that you love anyone more than your own children. But that is something I will always remember from those marriage prep classes we took. Our teachers told us God calls us to love our spouse even more than our children. And if you think about it, it makes sense. Children make a marriage a family. But they aren't here forever. And after they leave there has to be something left in that empty nest. So I pray that God continues to bless us with lots of inside jokes, laughter and good conversation.

Finally, to you, my dear husband, here's to 20, 50, 100 more years of marriage happiness whatever life shall bring. I love you.


Here comes the baby...

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