Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beer Park

Today I met up with some of my ECFE mom friends and their tots at the Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater. William took up to calling it "Beer Park" hence the name of this post. Did you really think I would take my toddler to a beer park on a Tuesday morning? I guess stranger things have happened.

It was a picture perfect day. And while the playground was filled with fun slides and climbing walls, William only cared about one thing. The giant bear in the middle of the park. As if I might have missed it, he reminded me no less than 75 times of its presence by pointing and shouting, "Beer!" His daddy would have been so proud.

I also discovered a new fact about my son. He's a toddler phenomenon when it comes to mastering the sport of the straight-arm hang. Check out the fierce determination in his face in the third picture. The moms I was with couldn't believe it.

"Look at how long he keeps his feet up!"

What can I say? I've always known my son would be a prodigy in something.

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