Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gotta Love It, Gotta Have It

I've written about Trader Joe's in the past but this week I'm choosing it for my Gotta Love It post because it's helping me out in a whole new way. Tomorrow morning we are heading to our favorite summer town, Crosslake, Minnesota. We've been going up there during the summer months since I was a baby and now, thanks to my Uncle Jim and Aunt Nancy who so graciously allow us to stay at their place, we're continuing the tradition with William.

But with all the fun we have up there, it takes a week of planning, purchasing and packing to prepare. This week my mom sent out an email to my sister and I to divided up the groceries that we'll need. Gas, no doubt, will be a major expense as we travel three hours each way if you don't include the holiday traffic that we may or may not get stuck in. So I'm always looking to save a buck somewhere. When I saw that my mom had put fruit on my grocery list I knew right where I was headed: Trader Joe's.

Have you been there? If not, what the heck are you waiting for? That store is chock-full of foods that are good for you (most are organic) but don't come with that hefty price tag most other grocery store chains will slap on you.

I've got my receipt right here so let me indulge you of the goodness that is Trader's:

Multigrain English Muffins
Box of Mini Cheese Sandwich Crackers
Organic Strawberry Lemonade (YUM!)
Gallon of Skim Milk
Quart of Whole Milk
Jar of Honey
7 Organic Bananas
1 Whole Pineapple
2 Pints Raspberries
Large Container of Organic Strawberries
11 oz container of Blueberries
6 Limes

Anyone want to take a stab at the total? I'll give you a clue. It costs more to fill my car up with gas. A lot more. I only had to shell out $36.73! Can you believe it?

If you don't have a Trader Joe's near your house, I'm telling you, it's worth the drive to get to one. Now I can use the extra money I saved for more important things. Like, a case of Corona to go with those limes.

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