Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Back in Order

We're still trying to get ourselves back into a routine here at the Nash household after two weeks of being out of town and weeks of planning before that. I took all day Monday and Tuesday to scrub the house from top to bottom -- much to the dismay of little boy who would have rather been outside. I, too, felt my heart drop each time I peered outside to see the sun gleaming and me on the wrong side of the window pane. But alas, I knew I wouldn't be able to finally feel at home again unless everything was clean and in order.

One key piece that still needs to be filled in is grocery shopping. I've been making a run to the store each evening to pick up specific ingredients for a single recipe because I can't stand to have one more take-out or one more hot dog. It's not ideal, making these daily grocery runs, but it's necessary until I've got the time to do a full-blown trip.

But you wouldn't know we're running low on groceries if you opened up my cupboard doors. It's full of opened and half-eaten bags of crackers, chips and candy. Does this happen to anyone else? Before you leave on a trip you stock up on all the junk food you don't allow yourself the other days of the year only to barely touch it once you're on vacation. Now I'm home and none of it sounds good to eat. My body is craving the fruits and salads and all those good things I did without while I was far from my kitchen.

At any rate I've got a little boy begging to go outside and I feel way too guilty to make him spend another day inside at the grocery store. So out we'll go until the thunderstorms hit.

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