Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cause I Just Had to Look

On Friday night I begged and pleaded with Brian to go out for a family dinner in downtown St. Paul. He thought I was nuts, what with the GOP convention in town. But my inner journalist/Republican was coming out and I just needed to see what it was like down there before everyone started spilling in. How often does St. Paul get to be in the midst of the National Spotlight even if someone named Gustav plans to rain on the parade?

Traffic was surprisingly calm and we even found a free parking spot on the street. We packed along the stroller so that I could drag my family behind me as I peeped through all the blocked-off streets surrounding the Xcel Center. Much to my delight Fox News had set up shop right across the street complete with a live shot and a jumbo screen. Here are my best photojournalist shots.

The Xcel all dazzled up.

The Fox News live shot. See the guy below and just to the right of the spotlight?

That's him on the giant, jumbo screen!

The rest of the less-than-Republican-friendly news organization just got small tents on top of a parking ramp.

And here's my posse waiting patiently for their crazy mama.

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