Wednesday, September 3, 2008


And just like that [insert snap of the fingers here] I'm scrambling to find long sleeves and long pants for both myself and William. I haven't looked in those drawers since May. Much to my surprise William can't even squeeze into his sneakers for just a few more days until I go buy him a new pair. He went up a whole TWO sizes. Crazy.

In case one was ever questioning the existence of relativity, all you need to do is ask a Minnesotan how 66 degrees feels in April and then ask that same person how 66 degrees feels come September. Five months ago I would have been begging for this weather. We would have been outside soaking our skin in the glorious sunshine. Today I find myself reaching for a pair of socks, an extra blanket and dreaming of a nice hot bath.

I'm not complaining. It is bittersweet to see the end of summer but I know if those sultry days and hot nights went on too much longer, I'd end up just taking them for granted. That is one thing you can say about Midwesterners: we love our seasons. Just when you're getting used to corn on the cob and watermelon, the calendar page flips and now you're craving apple crisp and football games.

Maybe we're in for an Indian Summer and maybe not. No one can quite tell just yet. But one thing is for sure. The school bells are ringing and that means the end of splashing in the pool, trips to the cabin, and messy ice cream cones on the lawn. It was a good one, dear Summer. We'll see you next year.

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