Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things I've Thought About Posting But Just Haven't Gotten Around To It

  1. William had his first day of school on Tuesday. Well, not really but we call ECFE school so it kind of counts. The class is a lot bigger than last year and I still haven't decided if that's a good thing or a bad thing. The teachers are all the same though so that makes it easier for William.

    Last year all the kids were within a few months age difference from William. This year the span is 12 to 24 months. William is on the high end of that span and I didn't realize until I walked in the classroom how huge that range is. Right away William pointed to a little girl sitting on her mom's lap and said, "Baby!"

    I guess he's the big man on campus now.

  2. Brian got William to eat chicken. This is huge. William refuses to eat any kind of meat. He even turns down hot dogs every once in a while which I think you can barely consider meat anyway.

    Yesterday on instant message I asked Brian if he could swing by Target during his lunch hour and pick up a couple of cans of soup for me. While he was there he spotted some soft tortilla shells that he thought would make a perfect dinner with some of the leftovers we had in the frig. My mom never made soft-shelled tacos or tortillas when I was at home so this is something I've never made before.

    When he came home I had to admit his idea was clever. I made a quesadilla for William and disguised it as pizza. I loaded it up with sour cream, mild salsa, left-over cooked chicken and sprinkled it with shredded cheddar. William ended up pealing the two tortilla shells apart and picking out and eating only the chicken! In a normal meal he would do the exact opposite. Even though he barely ate the actual tortilla we kept serving him more because he continued to pick out just the chicken and far be it for us to the jinx the whole project and just serve him plain chicken.

    I'm telling you, my husband is a genius.

  3. This morning after breakfast William fell down the stairs for the first time ever. I'm talking full out head to toe tumbling from the top to the bottom.

    I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes and watching a bit of the morning shows when he wandered upstairs. He does this a lot if there's a toy in his room he wants to get. On his way back down I spotted him at the top empty-handed and asked, "Hey buddy, what were you doing?"

    He started to answer but the heal of his foot slipped and before he or I knew it he was coming down. It felt like it happened in slow motion but I know it didn't because when I rushed up from the couch he was already at the bottom on the floor. He cried pretty hard but not for very long. That's how I knew he was more scared than hurt.

    It's the first time he's ever fallen down this or any stairs and I suppose every child is bound to experience it at least once. Now when we're walking up or down the stairs he reminds me, "I fall."

  4. I went to the grocery store this morning and I would like to confirm my idea that when you are shopping with a child there are some people that you could just kiss and others that you could just slug.

    I already knew I was pushing this shopping trip because we got there at 11:30. Lunchtime is at noon and naptime is at 1:00 so this was just on the brink of OC (out-of-control) time. But I had a list I was sticking to so I knew I could be in and out if everyone just stayed out of my way.

    So I'm wheeling down the last aisle which in our store happens to be the dairy/butter/cheese/ice cream aisle when I stop to throw in a bunch of containers of yogurt. William, seeing the yogurt, is reminded that he is about due for his lunch so he starts screaming for his yogurt. When I won't give in he starts one of those high-pitched toddler screams. You know the one, right? They're not crying, they just know exactly what to do to annoy you so that you'll give in to what they want.

    So three senior citizens stop in the midst of their extremely deep conversation about ice cream and start staring, whispering and rolling their eyes at us. I see them out of the corner of my eye and decide to do nothing to stop William's antics. C'mon, didn't they ever have toddlers?! I totally could have slugged them. They keep staring. Now I'm hoping William never stops. We turn the corner and they are out of sight and William stops his screaming. I almost want to high-five him.

    Now fast forward to packing the groceries in the trunk of the car. William is still crying for his yogurt. I put the last bag in the trunk and it rips.


    I scoop William out of the cart and try, with one hand, to keep the cart from smashing into the car next to me while I'm also trying to open the door to the car to put William in his car seat. A man, seeing my struggle, swooped in and said, "Here I'll take that from you!" He whisks the cart out of my hands so I am free to deal with the car door. It was such a small gesture but I truly could have kissed him.
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