Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Dennis the Menace

As I foretold, the weather has decided to shake it up this week and allow the sun to shine down and the temperatures to move on up. I don't know about the rest of the mothers out there but it seems to me that the worst time of day is post-nap, which in our house is around 3:30 or 4:00, all the way through until Brian comes home and I serve dinner. So naturally I kill this hour and half outside when the weather permits. This week it has.

I have a lovely stay-at-home mom/friend next door who can usually be found out in her driveway as well with her three little ones. We also have made a new acquaintance across the street who works part time in the morning and therefore is able to join us with her son in the afternoons. We all have one common goal: Kill as much time and burn off as much energy in the kiddos as we can until the daddys come home.

It usually works out quite nice but lately (and by lately I mean yesterday and today) my little darling has decided to be somewhat of a terror. Examples follow.

I opened the garage door yesterday and let William run ahead of me while I continued to put on my shoes. When I reached the driveway I found him laying flat on his belly on the pavement lapping up a puddle of leftover rainwater. I was totally grossed out.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GET UP NOW!!" I exclaimed pulling him by his arms.

His reply? "I puppy."

Later my neighbor mom/friend and I were talking. Both of us were slightly turned away from William and thus missing out on his naughtiness. I caught glimpses of flying yellow out of the corner or my eye. I turned to catch him plucking off every last flower head in my flowering pot. Keep in mind that until now we've gone through the entire summer without this ever being a temptation. I fear there's no hope left for those poor plants to recover and flower again now that the sun isn't as strong and the nights a bit too cool. Oh, I could just scream!

Other new naughty habits include, but are not limited to: peeling the bark off of trees, eating mulch (why oh why?!) and digging his fingers so far into ant hills that no nail brush could ever reach the dirt stuck under there.

I'm not quite sure what to do with these newly developed behaviors especially since this outside time is more of an advantage for me than for him. I fear I've entered the (terrible or terrific?) twos phase. With a boy. As proof by the dirt wedged under his fingernails.

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