Monday, September 8, 2008

Football, Family and Friends

The title of this post pretty much sums up our weekend.

On Friday night we attended the Woodbury High School football game. The field is just blocks from our house. The air had a chill in it, which in my opinion is way too early, but I admit it was perfect for football. William really got into it. He stood on the bleacher seat in between Brian and I with both of his arms around us shouting, "Gooooo foo-ball!" I guess we'll get more specific about the concept of teams when he gets older. He also was a big fan of the marching band and all the little kids that were running around. All in all, a fun and cheap night out for the whole family.

On Saturday we watched eight, count 'em, EIGHT hours of college football. The Badgers were up first followed by Brian's beloved Notre Dame. Both teams won but Brian was still upset about the Notre Dame game. Isn't a "W" a "W"? Apparently not when you're playing San Diego State.

My sister and her new hubby joined us for snacks, pizza, bloodies and beer. Brian and Reid are two peas in a pod when it comes to Notre Dame. Breaks in the TV action consisted of them in the street with a football pretending they were Jimmy Clausen and Michael Floyd. Boys will be boys.

Yesterday we awoke to burned out eyes from all that television watching but we still made it to mass on time. We caught a quick snooze before our friends came over for dinner with their two kids. We had chicken on the grill with 'tators and 'maters -- perfect harvest veggies, right?

William crashed before 8:00 after all the action and mama and daddy followed shortly after. But first we caught a couple of repeat episodes of Friday Night Lights because we just weren't quite sure we had caught enough football over the weekend.

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