Friday, December 12, 2008

Battle Wounds

We had a big fall yesterday.

Seventy-five times a day William crawls up onto our kitchen chairs and stands on them backwards to see what's on top of the counter. Seventy-five times a day I have to tell him to get down. Last night his mischief finally got the best of him. The chair fell backward and William came down, slicing his head on the edge of the counter.

Brian proceeded to freak out (do all dads do this?) so I had to calm both him and William down. After the bleeding stopped I noticed that while the cut wasn't extraordinarily large, it was rather deep. Almost grotesquely so. But I skipped the thought of stitches seeing as William had already forgotten about the whole ordeal.

And after Brian's blood pressure returned to normal he thought the cut looked rather cool. Gives him a bit of character. As you can see from the picture below, William was extremely traumatized.

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