Monday, December 8, 2008

Decking our Halls

Once again this year Brian and I decided to go against our natural ways and be DIYers. We cut down our own tree. And once again it worked out just fine. The tree was sliding a bit on the roof of our car as we drove down the road but we just held on tight to the twine and we all got home in tact, tree included.

Don't the mismatched snowpants bring back childhood memories? Just grab whatever you can find and make it work. His new snowpants are on their way but didn't make it in time for our tree trip.

The sled was a great addition this year especially since we've been blessed with plenty of snow.

Here it is! Can't you see the heavenly glow surrounding it? I think I hear angels singing.

I love these pictures!

Do you notice the gathered neckline on his turtleneck? Yep, I accidentally picked up this little number in the girls department without realizing it. Just don't tell anyone. It'll just have to be an at-home outfit now.

Crossing his fingers!

Trying to get the lights juuuuust right.

He found the pickle! Have you heard of this German tradition?


  1. Nice tree!

    I'm going to miss having a real one at home this year if we make it to Nebraska next week.



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