Thursday, December 11, 2008

Braving the Hustle and Bustle

I did it! I braved a trip to Mall of America during December. And you know what? It wasn't so bad.

The stars aligned so I guess I really had no choice. We had dental appointments yesterday morning which kept Brian working from home in the afternoon. Thus, I had a watcher of my napping toddler.

I complained and whined about going out until the moment I left. But I held a carrot out in front my myself promising to treat me to a cup of Christmas Caribou cheer. I also felt more confident about the whole trip knowing I wouldn't have to lug a certain 30-pounder with me.

The universe must have sensed my apprehension because something amazing happened. Every stoplight turned green as approached it, every car stayed out of the lane I wanted to be in and there was even a wide-open parking spot waiting for me right in front of the Nordstrom's skyway.

Once inside the stores were even more delightful. It felt no different than a Wednesday afternoon during any other month of the year.

But I have to admit. I did feel slightly guilty in my crowdless delight when I thought of those store merchants struggling in this recessing economy.

But the guilt flew out of the window once I saw the ginormous deals at Nordstrom Rack. Seriously. There was about a 30-second period when I hated that I was pregnant because they had designer jeans at unheard of prices. But I just directed that "woe is me" energy into finding a perfect pair for Brian and then I felt a tad better.

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