Monday, December 15, 2008

What About Brian

Birthdate: Today!

Eyes: William doesn't get those marvelous blue eyes from me.

Hair: A brown curly wonder I'm still praying one of our children will inherit.

His wifey, his baby boy, his baby-in-the-belly, all five of his siblings, his mom, his dad, his high school friends and his college friends (the same for different reasons), the Catholic Church, the Pope, most pro-life/family conservative politicians

Dislikes: Pop culture, bad music, most liberal politicians, Home Depot, being too hot especially in the car

Obsessions: Notre Dame football, Wisconsin football, the Raiders, Donald Duck (the old stuff), Arnold Schwarzenegger, his two guitars (one classical, one acoustic), playing the piano, playing shooting (he calls them strategy, I call them shooting) games on our computer, running, lifting weights, good beer, making the perfect martini/Manhattan, snuggling, wrestling with William

What's to Admire: Brian makes ordinary Catholics want to be great Catholics because he practices his Catholicism with a kind of coolness. You know that gospel reading when Jesus says, "When you pray, go into your room...pray to your Father who is in the secret place"? Brian is the epitome of this. He walks the walk without shouting it on the rooftops. I love that.

What I Love About Him: He would do anything for his family. And I don't just mean myself and William. I mean all of his brothers and sisters and both his parents and all his friends. If they ever called in need, he would be there in a flash without hesitation. I also love that he takes out the garbage and empties the dishwasher for me. Two of my despised tasks.

Why He Should be Celebrated Today: Poor guy. First he has to go and be born just 10 days shy of Christmas. All his life he's been receiving the combo birthday/Christmas gift. Then he grows up, gets married and his first born has the audacity to be born just 24 days before his birthday. Now his birthday is sandwiched between two events with which he can't compete. But I have yet to hear him utter a single complaint.

Today Brian turns 27. For three short months he and I will be the same age. I find it ironic that in March 1981 my mom was giving birth to her first born. At the same time, miles away, Brian's mom was finding out she was pregnant with her fourth baby. Indeed, we come from two separate upbrings yet somehow our paths crossed and we found those separate experiences meshed perfectly.

Happy birthday to you, my hubby! I love you!


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  2. Tell Brian I understand his pain of having a birthday right before Christmas. My birthday is the day after his!

    Happy Birthday, Nash!


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