Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Future For Me At ESPN, Perhaps?

Me: Hey you know what I heard today?

Brian: What's that?

Me: This is a test to see if I know at least one ND (Notre Dame) factoid that you don't.

Brian: Ask it in a question.

Me: OK, what famous ND alum's son is signed on to attend ND?

Brian: Mike Golic and Joe Montana, both sons.

Me: DANG IT! I was talking about Montana. I don't even know who Mike Golic is.

Brian: Mike Golic?!

Me: He won the Heisman? Just kidding. I don't know. I just say that for all the people I don't know.

Brian: Hey did you ever read that article by the Sports Gal?

Me: Yes, but I know more about fb than she does. I should be the Sports Gal. Actually, maybe just the FB Gal. I don't really appreciate any other sport as much.

Brian: Maybe the ND Gal.

Me: What about the Badgers? Maybe the NDB Gal.

Brian: Yeah.

Me: Well and there's always the off chance that the Gophers are going to do well so I really should be the NDBG gal.

Brian: I would wait around 4 years!

Me: Oh yeah like ND has anything to talk about.

Brian: Better than 1-9.

Me: Well at least the Gophers could admit they're bad and not take up quality television air time EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Brian: That's because ND is relevant, even when they lose.

Me: Whatever, they're just on because they can pay off the network because they charge $50,000/year to their students. Except to the football players who get a free ride when they really should be paying twice the regular student for letting down the whole campus.

Brian: You could write for ESPN. But, you know, the networks actually pay ND.

Me: That's probably because the network exec's son is trying to get in. You know, he's not really that good of a football player so ND would be a good fit.

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