Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This, too, Shall Pass

Yesterday was a rough day for Mama Nash and little Willingham. As I'm writing this my weather bug is once again blinking red warning of the extreme cold. I awoke this morning to 14 degrees BELOW zero with a windchill reaching 30 below zero. It's now back up to a toasty 6 below. Ugh.

I know I wrote a relatively cheerful post last week about how the Minnesota cold really isn't that bad and I still stand by that. It's just that when you're having a really hard day, it's the one extra thing that you just. don't. need. right. now. PLEASE. Got that?

William has another bad cough, only his second ever, combined with a running nose, watery eyes and a mood that has seen better days. I brought him to ECFE yesterday morning anyway because he didn't have a temp and I figured it would be my only chance at getting out of the house this week if the weather remains the same. It would also be the perfect time to make a much-needed trip to Target. In hindsight I probably should have let the poor kid camp out in his jammies in the living room all day. Getting in and out of the car with the wicked wind stinging our faces was quite maddening. And guilt pounded me every time William started hacking.

And it only got worse from there. William didn't want to take a nap (probably because the intervals between coughing were never long enough for him to find sleep) so he was extra irritable and overtired in the afternoon in addition to being sick. He wanted to be held. But as soon as I picked him up he wanted to get down. And he only had two forms of communication. Whining or all out sobbing.

It was one of those afternoons where I was so busy trying to comfort him that I forgot to eat lunch and would even forget to go to the bathroom until it was almost too late. Forget to go to the bathroom, you might ask? Have a kid and you'll know what I mean.

It took over an hour to get him to go to bed last night. A task that was not easy since Brian was out of the house at a church meeting. But once he fell asleep (and when I say fell asleep what I really mean is exhausted himself from screaming) he did sleep through the night. Small miracle. And when he woke up this morning he greeted me with a gigantic smile reminding me that the bad times really do pass eventually.

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