Thursday, January 3, 2008

Not Because of Laziness

I have a confession. I have been wearing the same sweats since we arrived home on Tuesday afternoon. Contrary to what it might appear, however, it is not due to laziness. Quite the opposite actually. My to-do list has been jam-packed with cleaning, organizing, laundering, and the lovely event known as "post-Christmas bill-paying." Sadly, this to-do list has not included showering or changing my attire.

Ironically, though, as I look around my tidy house I feel great. Three loads of laundry are clean and put away and my empty laundry baskets looks beautiful to me. Our living room looks magnificently bare without the Christmas tree and all the Christmas decorations. (I wanted to keep the tree up until after the Epiphany but unfortunately the recycling truck and the Catholic Church failed to coordinate schedules.) All my new Christmas gift kitchen gadgets have found homes in my cupboards and drawers and their rarely-used replacements have found their new homes in storage.

My Target and grocery store lists are nearly complete. And the fact that I'm sitting down in front of the computer writing this post means that maybe, just maybe, I might make it into the shower today and make it out to complete those lists.

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