Friday, January 11, 2008

My Grievance to the Writers Guild

I understand that what the Writers Guild is asking for is probably fair and yes, the producers are probably being a tad bit greedy but this strike is really putting a cramp in our Thursday nights. Last night the last new Grey's Anatomy episode aired and I'm starting to feel the effects of withdrawal. I thought it was bad when the last new Office episode aired way back in November but now, instead of one, we're out two television shows indefinitely.

I have always looked forward to Thursday nights as I think everyone does. It's the last evening in what was probably a very long week. It means you can usually stay up a bit later than usual because Friday's just around the corner and we all know Fridays are a breeze.

In college it was the "going out" night. When I was working downtown it was happy hour night. Now that we have William it's our wine (or cocktails) and TV night. It's the one night when Brian and I can get all cozy on the couch and agree what to watch on TV. We both think The Office is hilarious and Grey's Anatomy is dramatic, of course, but it has just enough witty banter so that Brian can put up with it.

In the meantime I guess we'll have to utilize our Netflix membership more often.

I'll miss you, Thursday Night TV. Please hurry back soon.

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