Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Red Noses and a Dusty House

Due to the fact that we've been outside every day for hours on end, I have nothing to write about except for my sunburned nose and my ever-dirtying house. So I'm going to resort to posting some more pictures of the playground. If you're upset about not getting to read something ├╝ber insightful just be thankful that I'm not writing yet another post to complain about how cold and awful the weather is. There's definitely nothing to complain about this week in that department. Just check out my sunny pictures!

"Wait for me Dad!"

"Look at my big belly!"

"Horsie ride!" "Weeeeee!"

"Can you see how messy my shirt is?"

"I'm not so sure about this mommy."

"OK I guess it's fun!"

Whoa! Daddy can go high!

Umm, wait a second. Which one is the kid I'm supposed to be taking pictures of?

And now for the grand finale...

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