Friday, April 11, 2008

Thursday Night Recap: April 10

Eats: Shrimp and Bean Couscous

Dessert: A small dish of cookie 'n' cream ice cream

Drink: None. Brian's still recovering from being sick this week. Plus I think we're all still recovering from drinking last week when I was out of town. However, Brian just picked up a couple bottles of red from Haskell's spring sale so I'm sure we'll dip into that this weekend.

Entertainment: The American Idol results show and a new epidsode of The Office.

So technically one of our Thursday night shows is back on the air after the Writers' strike. But I think I'm still going to continue this Thursday night post tradition. For one it keeps me on my toes. It makes me get creative in the kitchen on Thursday nights. Plus I know a number of people have found great help in the recipes I've posted. So here's to Thursday nights!

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