Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Wonders of Family Time

Yesterday was one of those perfect summer days. And it's only April! I can't believe my luck getting two of those days in just one week.

William and I played outside with the neighbor kids and mom until we could no longer stand it. He had sand in every nook and cranny (including his mouth!) but I didn't even care.

Brian was running a bit late from work so I fired up our charcoal grill all by myself. Can you sense my pride? I've never done that before so I was feeling quite jolly about it.

We moved William's booster seat outside on the patio so that he could eat and toss food without the hassle of me having to clean the floor.

Brian and I followed suit and brought our plates and drinks out on the patio table. The chicken was DE LISH! (Can I get a shoutout for chicken on the grill? There's honestly nothing like it.)

After the food was polished off we sat and pointed out the birds, ducks and airplanes to William and tried to get him to repeat each word after we said it.

I'm not exactly sure when the shift occurred but William is now able to get us to laugh out loud. And I don't mean because "kids say and do the darnedest things." I mean that he's so grown up now that he picks up on social cues. Like the story I posted the other day with the motorcycle. He knew it wasn't in the plan for the motorcycle to fall onto its side and he knew that it was an appropriate time to say, "Uh oh!"

And last night during dinner he remembered the things that make his daddy laugh until tears are rolling. And so he insisted on doing and saying each and every one.

As I sat there in complete contentment I said a quick thank you prayer that it's only April. I still have at least five more months of outdoor bliss with my family. So much time for the patio and running in the grass and sliding down slides and swinging on swings. But mostly there's so much time for just sitting in the evening breeze, pointing at ducks and making each other laugh.

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