Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some Answers

We received some answers this week from the Las Vegas Police Department and from our dear friend, St. Anthony about the incident that happened on Saturday. It turns out that the luggage was stolen and parts of the contents have already been recovered thanks to a routine traffic stop by the LVPD. The details are still filtering in quite slowly as the investigation gets underway and even though not all of my mom's belongings have been found it still feels gobs better now that we know what happened.

I am now asking all of you, as has my mom, to pray for the man who committed this crime. We know that there were other stolen items in his possession so it is not the first time he has done this. We're not sure why he did it or what his life story is that got him to this point. But it is now time for our anger and outrage to turn into a bit of compassion. And we hope that this will inspire of a bit of compassion on his part.

And now a travel tip for all of you. My mom's belongings were found to not be with her actual suitcases. The only way the LVPD was able to identify that these were indeed her belongings was by a stray confirmation receipt bearing her full name from our attendance at the "O" show. When you are traveling it is a good idea to have your contact information both on the outside luggage tag and sewn into the inside of your luggage. And because neither of these would have helped my mom in our particular situation I'm convinced it's a good idea to conceal a third set of contact information somewhere else within the bag. Perhaps pinned on the inside of a pair of pants or shirt.

Thank you all so much for your prayers. Once again, St. Anthony comes through. Why do I always doubt?!

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