Friday, April 11, 2008

There's No Earthly Way of Knowing... Which Direction We are Going

Do you know what that title is from? Kudos if you do! My world seems really out of wack as of late. You know what I mean. When things turn out the exact opposite of how you would have predicted them to. Or when everything is just so off kilter that it seems like a sureal world.

First, my mommy instincts were all wrong. Yesterday morning William woke up with a temperature, no appetite and was generally just not feeling good. Right away I suspected it was an ear infection. Well I didn't suspect, I knew. Especially because when I touched his ears he would get really upset. So I hauled him to the clinic across town because our neighborhood clinic had no appointments for the next two days. The result was negative. No ear infection. OK...

Now this morning he's definitely progressed into the "very sick little boy" category. This morning his temp was 103 -- I took it three times so I know it's right. Then the real tell tale sign: He sat in my lap for a full hour while we watched some of the morning shows. Something we have never done. And when I say sat, I mean completely listless. So listless that he actually fell asleep for a little while. And if you know my little boy you know that is darn near impossible for him.

No doubt, he caught the same illness that Brian stayed home from work for earlier in the week who, no doubt, caught it from the three nights of partying while William and I were out of town. When the cat's away...

OK so more out-of-wackness stuff. Well, Michael Johns was voted off Idol last night. What?! I know. I still can't believe it myself. Michael was my favorite. One of the reasons I kept watching. I almost don't want to watch the rest of the show now. I said almost. In my little fantasy Idol contest I picked him to win. He would have had to been a dark horse to take home the title, I agree, but still, he doesn't deserve to go home this early. I think Carly should have sacrificed herself for being so horrible week after week. And because she has too many tattoos.

So while we were watching the Idol results show there was another show outside. A show of sleet and snow and, get this, thunder and lightning. And I don't mean a rumble here and there. I mean like the big ones you see in the middle of summer. The big light-up-the-sky lightning followed by a huge crack of thunder. Now if thunder and lightning in the middle of a snow storm isn't out of wack, then I don't know what is.

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