Friday, August 7, 2009

Count 'em: One, Two, Three, Four, FIVE

Here we are! Five years and still happy.

We've picked up a couple of hitchhikers along the way.

They tend to suck up most of the time, energy, money and space we used to have all to ourselves. But they make our marriage complete.

But they are not ALL of our marriage.

Early to bed tonight, kiddies. It's time for mommy and daddy.

We'll hear a swish as much of our bank account empties at Wednesday's house closings so move over 5-star restaurants, expensive bottles of wine and lavish hotel rooms. We've got frozen buffalo wings to chomp on and cheep beer to sip. We might even throw in a rented DVD or play an exciting game of Scrabble. We're crazy like that!

But, hey, I just read that the traditional gift for a fifth wedding anniversary is wood so at least we've got that going for us. Plenty of wood in that new house or ours.

Happy Anniversary hunny bunny!


  1. Congratulations Jenny and Brian. Have a great anniversary!

  2. oh,you guys are the cutest couple ever,and you produce the cutest kids to!!Happy Anniversary to you both,love,Nancy

  3. Awe, Happy Anniversary! Time sure does fly, doesn't it!?!

  4. Happy Anniversay Jenny!! I think scrabble and cheap beer sound like a BLAST!! Good luck on your closing and congrats on your new home, you beautiful children and wonderful marriage. You deserve it. I didn't know you also got married in 04' What a great year. PS I LOVE the glasses in the prior post. Where'd you get them?


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